Back in the Red!

Folks the boys are back in the new upcoming series of red dwarf! Which will be airing on the “Dave” this October! Some of the younger audiences may not have heard of Red Dwarf as the original series was first introduced over 20 years ago so later I’ll remind you all why Red Dwarf was the number 1 sci-fi in Britain!

The new series was announced over a year ago now and the excitement is building as the time of Red Dwarf draws closer. What’s even more exciting is that the entire original cast is returning! That’s right every last one of them! Another juicy nugget of information we have are the episodes names which are as follows:

1. Trojan
2. Farther’s and suns
3. Lemons
4. Entanglement
5. Dear Dave
6. The beginning

This is all the information we have been provided with on the new series and from what some of these episodes names are we can tell this will just as good as the old series. Red dwarf X will also be going back to its roots much to the enjoyment of many long term fans like me, and from what the trailer looks like it seems like Red Dwarf X is going to be a smash hit in October! This new series of Red Dwarf will be the first full length series In almost 13 years! Thats right 13! It’s no wonder why Red Dwarf fans such as myself are getting excited. After 13 years of silence the boys are back! So let’s take a look at what made Red Dwarf what it is today.

Obviously the most important part of Red Dwarf was its characters, and Red Dwarf gave us four unforgettable characters that changed British television forever: Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Cat and Kryten 2X4B – 523P.

First off we’ll start with Dave Lister, self proclaimed space bum. He became the last human alive after a drive plate wasn’t fixed in properly by none other than smeghead Arnold Rimmer. The radiation leak killed everyone onboard except for Lister, who was put in stasis after bringing an unquarantined animal onboard the ship. He was released 3 million years later by when the radiation levels were safe. But what makes him such a memorable character? Being the last human alive you’d think he’d be smart, fit, and handsom. But what we get is instead a self loathing, lazy, unfit, dumb, curry munching guy with no sense of ambition. All of these components make a bad character right? This is what you’d think but somehow all of these bad components combined together work. They work and make a character that has kept us laughing for years. Lister has done many bizarre things, but nothing more memorable than: getting pregnant, killing JFK for a curry, playing pool with planets and many more outrageous adventures. But none of those compare to my personal favourite Dave Lister moment when he uses the AR machine to have sex with women.

Moving on we now come to our favourite smeghead Arnold Rimmer, bronze swimming certificate silver swimming certificate. Without him Red Dwarf wouldnt be what it is today. He has been eaten alive, stolen a cats body and even kicked death in the balls. This smegger really gets around, but whats his story? Well he is the 2nd technition on the mining ship Red Dwarf and his worked his whole life in an attempt to be captain of the ship, only to fail ever time by passing out mid-exam. He decided the ships fate when he failed to fix a drive plate, causing the ship to leak radiation killing him, and everyone else onboard. 3 million years later the ships computer Holly brings him back as a hologram to keep Lister sane. Sure you might think, “Lister and Rimmer don’t get on, it will never work” but truth is, their constant petite rivalry is one of the key element of humour in Red Dwarf, but it doesn’t compare to the time he stole Listers body to be alive again (as holograms can’t touch anything until he acquired hard light in series 6) and thats all you need to know about this moody little smegger.

We now give you the cat! The cool cat of the crew, who’s also a snappy dresser. He evolved from 3 million years of natural selection between cats after Lister hid his unquarantined cat, keeping it safe from the radiation leak. He appears human in form but contains all thecharacteristics of a cat, such as: being egocentric, meowing and even having a very high sense of smell. He cannot live with himself being uncool and unfashionable as his whole life depends on his “beautiful ass” and his delusion that he is the most important person in the universe. The cat has no respect for the crew, having no care wether or not they perish. Someone like this is bound to get on our nerves right? No, the cat brings laughter and amusement where ever he goes because of these components. Some of his highlights include: his alter ego Dwane Dibbly, his stupid wit often being the Dwarfers only hope and getting the blue midgets to dance with him. There’s just no one else like him, you could not find another actor to play the cat as well as Danny John-jules. This is the cat that brings all the boys to the yard.

Finally we have Kryten. The android that made pinkerton look smart. He appeared in series 2 episode 1 as a one off appearance, but the public domain demanded for more and starting with series 3, he became a regular. kryten is a robot designed for cleaning and did all of the ships work without any emotion, but with the help of Lister, Kryten was able to break his program completely by series 6 and gain emotion. No ones sure wether it’s his emotionless replies to hilarious situations or his stupid choices in emotional situations but he has an unknow personality that makes him the number one greatest robot in the history of British television. He has been full of hilarious gags and quotes since he was first rescued from the nova but none more memorable than the time he threw a party for a woman on her period, unaware that it’s supposed to be personal. Kryten is a design of pure genius, moving away from the cliche and stereotypes of robots in a sci-fi. He is a one of I kind android.

Without this set of perfectly imbalanced characters Red Dwarf would be nothing. Now that your minds have been refreshed about our beloved heros we should move onto the next element, the plots. Obviously being a sci-fi the plots will be supernatural, futuristic and completely outrageous. Red Dwarf uses all this with its own little sprinkle of its secret ingredient to make it Red Dwarf. The stories utilise every sci-fi trick in the book and combines it with the characters, this create stories like no other. From pregnant men to transforming emohawks. From wax droid world to a backwards London universe. The stories are unique, far fetched and utterly fabulous, right down to the shutters and battleship grey walls.

Red Dwarf X is bound to contain every element of the original series and maybe plots even more silly and ridiculous that will tickle our funny bones and make us laugh like hyenas. Maybe the new series will even tell us what happened at the end of series 8. As lots of Red Dwarf fans know series 8 ended with Red Dwarf being eaten by microbes and Rimmer being chased by death whilst the others are safe in the mirror universe. We were only left with the words “The end… The smeg it is!” And now after 13 long painful years we will finally witness how they all survived. I don’t know about any of you lot but to me this is going to be one smeg-tastic series!

So grab your popadoms and get blasted into the Red Dwarf spirit for this October! It’ll be your most memorable one to date!