Red Dwarf X: Trojan Review

Last night was the premiere of the brand new smeging series of Red Dwarf, and did it deliver the goods? You bet your arse it did!


It’s been 13 years since the last ‘proper’ episode was aired. After such a long break there’s no way you’d ever expect to see them performing just as well and beautifully as they did back in the good old days. But that’s where your wrong! They shot straight back into red in all they’re smeggieness! Trojan had all the aspects of the youthful crew and even exceeded that of a lot of episodes. This is one premiere you couldn’t have afforded to miss.

Red Dwarf always had a strange sense of humour, often getting most of its laughs from the boys being, well, boys really. Only Red Dwarf dared to send Lee Harvey Oswald plummeting to his death, mock the blood writing trick and have laser shooting stuffed penguins. Trojan has extended the humour even further than it was before. Making fun of things as simple as pig races and head squeezing.


Your thinking… I’m squeezing your head too tight!

The special effects of Red Dwarf were always impressive for the time it was made In, but I never thought they really mattered until I saw Trojan. This episode uses modern day special effects and looked stunning. Absolutely stunning. Rimmer’s glitches, the swirly beach balls of doom and the laser gun effects. These were the more noticeable effects and they took Red Dwarf to a new step of technology. They created an atmosphere that takes you closer to Red Dwarf than ever before, and that’s just amazing.


I have a serious case of beach ball eyes.

The actors. Oh yes, the actors. I must admit when I saw the poster they looked like old, incapable men that are bring back what was not meant to be. But boy was I wrong, they brought back a brilliant show in all it’s smegging glory! Lister is just as lazy as ever. Rimmer is just a bossy and resentful as before. Cat, the one and only, has yet to lose his touch, and Kryten is still the loveable, oblivious android he was before. When I saw them back on the big screen, I was blown away by they’re ability to still act like a bunch of self centred kids. Cat especially, and I bet my hat that you just could not find another man so capable of acting a character like the Cat.

The plot for Trojan was: silly, stupid and hilarious just like it should be. With Lister refusing to put down the phone because of his insane desire to have a stir master; and Rimmer trying to impress his brother (who finally appears in present time on the show) by pretending to be a captain. I even feel like they took Rimmer to the next step by showing just how selfish and cruel he can be by having his brother die, believing that Rimmer had lived the dream whilst he had a life not even worthy of living.


You’ve only got one Lamborghini?!

One aspect of the episode that caught my attention was the lack of Holly, the ships computer. Although the episode was very humorous and true to the original, I felt like that lack of Holly didn’t really work. Holly would always crack a wise one or point out the obvious in his traditional mundane way. Will Holly return later? No. The truth is that Holly will not return because of the little mishap in Back to Earth when Lister accidentally drowns Holly. Although Back to Earth was a one off special, it is still counted as part of the Red Dwarf series.


Alright dudes? How’s it goin in groove town?

The only thing that really let me down was the missing explanation on how they survived in “Only the Good…”. It doesn’t explain how Rimmer survived and how Red Dwarf stopped crumbling. But on a more understanding tone, it would be for the best if we could believe our interpreted endings were how they survived.

As a whole this looks like it will be another smeg-tastic series that is bound to get more exiting with every new episode. Remember, every Thursday at 9pm on Dave. See you there smeg heads!


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