Top 5 Red Dwarf episodes

With the new series of Red Dwarf on, giving us what we’ve been waiting for and giving young viewers a taste of Red Dwarf, I thought I’d go back and highlight some of the best of Red Dwarf. This is an opinionated list of what I believe to be the top 5 episodes of Red Dwarf.

5. Tikka to Ride


All I want is a curry!

The first episode of series 7. Tikka to Ride sees the lads racing back in time in order to get a curry, which, consequently, causes them to botch up the Kennedy assassination and create an alternate universe. This was the first episode of Red Dwarf to not use a live audience but instead recorded voices. This was due to time restrictions and so they could try filming with four wall surroundings. It’s also one of the more, grosser episodes, as we see Lister and Cat eating what they believe to be chicken. They are then told by Kryten that it was actually the dead pedestrian they saw on the road earlier, much to They’re disgust. This episode was a big risk by the producers, which turned out to be a big success. They twisted a conspiracy into a Red Dwarf episode which ends with Kennedy having to kill himself as they mucked time up so much Oswald was unable to shoot Kennedy himself.

4. Body swap


Let the orgy commence!

A classic episode in series 3, beautifully crafted, amazingly put together and just a timeless classic. This episode sees Lister and Rimmer swapping bodies so that Rimmer can help Lister lose weight. But soon he starts to pig out immensely because he was unable to touch anything whilst in a hologramatic state. Lister then wants to swap back and finds out Rimmer has done horrible things to his body. The lip sync for this episode is incredible as well as the overall episode. This is a must watch for any newcomer who wants a taste of Red Dwarf. You’ll be giggling through the whole episode and will remember it forever.

3. Backwards


I think he’s a bit teed off ‘cuz we’ve just uneaten his pie.

Only Red Dwarf could take something so simple, so small and so unnoticeable and turn it into something so amusing you’ll choke. This episode marks the beginning of a new era for Red Dwarf, taking the show one step further and adding Kryten as a permanent Dwarfer. In this episode the Dwarfers seem to find themselves in a universe where everything is backwards! Eating, sleeping, reliving yourself, all done backwards. All except for them. Rimmer and Kryten get a career performing things ‘backwards’ to people whilst Lister and Cat try to bring them back home. The producers of this got a camera and utilised it in a way that turned this episode into a work of art. A stroke of genius. This episode will surprise you on how much you’ll laugh at stuff just because its going backwards. The highlight has to be when Lister is unbeaten up by a man which cures his black eye and cracked back.

2. Back to Reality


No. No no no please no! I don’t wanna be called Dwane Dibbley!

Back to Reality indeed. The boys find out that Red Dwarf is just a game and they have just been playing it. This is the most hilarious one of series 5 and probably has the most memorably character of all time. They wake up and realise what rubbish lives they all have, especially the Cat who finds out he is a buck tooth nerd called Dwane Dibbley! The moment when they all remember who they are and collect they’re things is full of chuckles, both big and small. Series 5 as a whole was quite disappointing and lacking the Red Dwarf feel compared to the rest of the show, but believe me when I say this episode makes up for it completely. The highlight of this episode for me has to be the Cats reaction to being Dwane Dibbley. A truly genius idea with originality and humour that you’ll never forget.

1. Meltdown


Get him out of that damned nappy! Don’t you have any pride man? Don’t you want to win this war?

This is my most memorable and favourite Red Dwarf episode of all time. This series 4 finale is filled with numerous gags, unless references and unbelievable plot. In this episode the boys arrive at wax world, a place inhabited by droids made of wax. The droids are making army’s and the people in those armies are not quite what you’d expect. Rimmer takes control of the good side whilst lister and Cat escape from the bad side. The plot is fresh, unique and unforgettable. With guest appearances like never before, including: Hitler, Gandhi, Elvis Presley and mother Teresa. Taking advantage of the endless characters they could use they beautifully turn historic icons into laughing stocks. The ending theme was even revamped and sung by Elvis in this episode too, a brucey bonus if you ask me. If you want to see a nun and an Indian engage in hand to hand combat, Elvis training an army and Winnie the Pooh being tied to the stake then this is the episode for you! It cannot be beaten and is certainly unforgettable, every last smegging second of it!

So there you have it. My list on what I believe to be the top 5 episodes of Red Dwarf. If you disagree or have any suggestions of your own top 5 episodes then go ahead and comment. I might have to change the list if I agree.


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