What Makes A Good Actor?

I don’t know about any of you but when I watch a film I want to enjoy. I want to be engaged and entertained by it. But you can’t enjoy that film if you’re not satisfied by its contents; and one of the main problems with bad films are the the actors. To me, aside from the plot, the actors are the most important part of the film. If your good; brilliant. If you bad; you just ruined a potentially good movie. Now I’m going to voice my opinion of what a good actor is.

Firstly he/she needs to be dedicated to take on the role of that person. For example Heath Ledger took on the role of the Joker with dedication and was superb at it. He locked himself away in his hotel room for a month to make sure he was in the right mind for the role. He dedicated himself for making his Joker persona perfect and aced it with flying colours. Actors like him that spend time on their characters and making themselves just like the character is exactly the kind of attitude a good actor should have. Making sure you have everything right, even things as little as an accent or look in their eye.

Another important aspect is being able to clearly act what you need to act, this means using the right tone of voice, uses the right gestures, have the correct facial expressions required to give the scene an effect on the viewer. Take Danny John-Jules for example. He once had to play a dimwitted, boisterous lunatic. If he stood there not moving at all and not using a range of vocal tones his character would be a disaster. Clear conveying is very important for acting.

A good actor must also keep character at all times. Not once must s/he go out of character. It’s such an essential to make sure you can keep a consistent character throughout the film or else it just becomes a sloppy mess. For instance Chris Eigeman. He once had to play the part of a cocky, self centred git. But instead his character was all over the place. His acting was poor, his voice was always the same, and not once did he come across as cocky.

One more crucial component of a good actor is simply the ability to make what you’re doing look genuine. You they have to feel what they should be feeling and express that for the audience to see. The actor needs to be able to take what the character if feeling and express it though his own body to make us feel what they are feeling. If someone is supposed to be scared and you see it in their eyes an effect is created which has an effect on the reader.

This is some of the components I think make up a good actor. If you think differently or have anything extra to add, leave a comment and I’ll get on it as quickly as possible.


Red Dwarf X: Series Review


As much as we don’t want to believe it the new series of Red Dwarf is over. After years of agonisingly waiting for a glimmer of hope that it would return came, it went. But this will be six weeks of my life I will never forget. Each episode brought us half an hour of jaw aching laughter and an indeterminate amount of memorable moments. We couldn’t be happier with what Doug and his crew did with this series.

The crew returned in all it’s glory: Lister searching for his lust again. Rimmer being a miserable sod. Kryten back on cleaning duty; and the Cat, well, being the Cat. I thought the original cast coming back to reprise their roles was a genius idea. It just wouldn’t have worked at all without them. They’re a one of a kind crew; irreplaceable (but oh how America tried).

Bring comedy shows back to it’s roots, Red Dwarf X brings back live audiences for Red Dwarf. In my opinion I love when there is a live audience, the laughter of the public is like fuel for the actors. They thrive off they’re reactions and praise, increasing proficiency in their performance as their roles as Dwarfers.

The ideas were unique and fresh, an essential for any Tv series that wants to keep going strong. Red Dwarf made a new set of episodes the likes of which I had never seen.


Red Dwarfs new opening is consistent as always!

Episode one. Trojan. The crew come across an advanced ship called ‘Trojan’ which Rimmer uses to make his brother think he is a captain in the space core. Whilst as a side story Lister is on hold while he desperately waits for a stir master.

Episode Two. Fathers and suns. Lister disciplines his son (himself) which leads to Lister no longer having a job at Red Dwarf while Kryten and Rimmer instal a new, female, computer to replace our beloved Holly.

Episode three. Lemons. In India 23AD the Dwarfers find Jesus Christ, take him three million years in the future, and remove a kidney stone through his urethra. After all is well Jesus goes back to the past to undo a big event in history.

Episode four. Entanglement. An episode so lengthy you’d need to be a super computer to remember everything the first time around. Rimmer is lost in a poker game which ends up spawning a hilarious number of events thanks to a quantum rod Cat and Kryten were exposed to.

Episode five. Dear Dave (my personal favourite of the series). Poor Lister misses the human race and thinks it’s about time to find another species to settle with (unbeknownst to him that the vending machine on B deck fancies him). Meanwhile the Cat has a bad day with both a lack of fashion and toilet paper.

Episode six. The beginning. An appropriate name for this series conclusion. Making reference back to the first episodes name entitled “The end”. An unfathomable amount of references to the first episode are made here. Red Dwarf gets a bit gory and a side of Rimmer comes out that was thought impossible to be inside him. This episode made me applaud during the credits I was that impressed. It’s a sin for and Red Dwarf fan to miss this.

The series lived up to my expectations and more. The final episode of this series is just indescribably amazing. It explains so much and makes so many referrals (including the inconclusive eighth series). If you’ve never watched Red Dwarf this would be a good place to start. It’s a brilliant show filled with so many incredible gags and humour it would make David Cameron laugh until he chokes. I’m incredibly please with how this turned out and I hope a new series might be in progress in the future.